Thursday, March 15, 2012

(EAC)Red Lips

Tube-Orphan Annie by Robert Alvarado  of PTE
Element-lips from pink rock kit by Pink candy designs found here
Kit is not available anymore... Any lips element will do
VM Natural Sparkle
Eye Candy4 Jiggle, Glass, Gradient glow, motion trail
Mura Meister Copies
Distrort-Glass and Twirl
Large script font
animation by missy- found here in animations 4 small twinkle

For the forum tag size your workspace 600 by 300
Open your close up tube and place to the right. Duplicate it and apply Mura Meister Copies- Line at default. Then apply Distort twirl angle set to 182. Then apply Gaussian blur at5.
Open your main tube and place under your closeup to the left.
 We are gonna recreate the pattern in her stockings with preset shapes.
Place a black square 48 by 48 to the left. Convert to raster and apply Mura Meuster Copies line at default.
Then draw a circle in the middle of your square in a color from your tube. i chose the dark green in her dress. Convert to raster then apply Mura Miester copies line at default. use your pick tool to adjust if needed.
Repeat with a smaller black circle then apply Eye Candy4 Glass and add a drop shadow.
 Draw a black line using your pen tool set to solid line sized 4 across the middle or your squares. move this under the square layer. Close all layers except your preset shapes then merge visible. Duplicate this layer then free rotate 90 to the left and place under the previous layer as shown above. Draw a second black line to place  in the middle of that patter. then merge the patterns together and drop shadow.
Once you have this done unhide the rest of your tag. using your rectangle selection tool select the background portion that is directly under your pattern. promote this layer and apply Distort Glass at default.
 Repaste  the promotion of the top portion of the tag and duplicate it twice. you should have three promoted layers on the top of the tag.
 Apply VM  Natural Sparkle sized 22. With each  duplicate promoted layer change the seed by ten.
Tending to our main tube,duplicate it and move this layer above your closeup tube. Duplicate it and apply Eye candy Motion trail to the bottom tube at these settings:Direction 357, Length 96.63, taper 0 ,opacity 72.
Duplicate this set and click your CTRL button and left arrow 5 times to move the duplicate tubes across the screen. Repeat this motion and duplication until your tube is at the left hand corner of the tag. On the non-motion trailed images add a drop shadow to all of them.
On the last original image on the left freehand select the green skirt and promote the layer.
 Duplicate it three time. Apply Eye candy Jiggle to the three top duplicates at these settings:
Bubbles43.18,20,20. Change the seed for each layer.

 Now select your white background and hit Selections-Select all- modify- Selection Borders- size4, promote this layer and flood fill in black. Apply Eye candy Glass to the border and a drop shadow.
 Add your name, license number and artist URL>
 To animate close off all the layers except the closeup tube,glass background and the bottom sparkle layer for the top of the background. Merge visible and copy to Animation Shop.
 Come back to PSP Undo the merging and repeat paste of the other top sparkle layers to AS. You should have three frames in AS. Select all and copy paste after current frames until you reach 36 frames.
 Select all and return to PSP.
Close all layers except the closeup tube layer, the glass background layer and the main tube that is under the  closeup tube layer. Merge visible and copy to AS as a new animation.
Undo merge in PSP and close the main tube layer . Open the motion trail tube and the original duplciate that matches the trail. merge visible  and copy paste to AS after current frame. Repeat this function until you get to the tube touching the edge of the tag. Do not copy paste this tube yet. 
Close all layers except the glass background layer and the closeup tube layer.
 Copy paste to AS after current frame 30 times.
You should have about 37 frames . Select all and copy paste onto the selected frames of the sparkle background in AS. Looking at your frames deselect and now select only the last 30 frames.
Heading back to  psp Close all layers except the tube touching the left side of the tag and the corresponding trailed tube. Merge visible and copy to AS as  NEW animation. undo merge and close the trailed tube. Copy paste the original tube to AS after current frame. Then  in PSP open one of the promoted jiggle skirt layers. i work from the bottom up so open the bottom layer of this set. Merge visible and copy paste after current frame. repeat this function until you have all of the promoted layers pasted on to AS.
 Working in AS Select image transition fade and use these settings:1.6,4 frames.
Click the next frame once added. then repeat again until you get to the last pasted frame. Copy the frist frame after current frame on the end. then chose the second to the last frame and apply the image transition. Click the last frame and apply the image transition again to fade th tube out. you should have 30 frames once completed. Select all then paste to the merged animated tag.
 Save a s a GIF.

 To make the avatar open a new workspace flood filled in white sized150 by 100.
Open all layers in PSP and merge your tag. Copy paste to the avatar canvas and resize it by 50%.
 Select the white background and add a selection border in black as we did before.
Now crop your tag and increase your canvas size to 150 by 150.
Add the lips and your name resized at 50% and type out the CR of the artist and your license number. using the small sparkle from Missy's folder copy the merged avatar 11 times. Select all. open the animation and resize by 25%. Select all and copy paste into select frames and save a a GIF.
 Thanks for looking
whew :D

Friday, March 9, 2012

Irish Sexy

Tube- Sexy By Sebastian Serrano 
Kit-Get me Irish On
Where-Creative Misfits Creations-Here
 Template2- by Tina Download here
 Animation Green shamrocks23 by Janice download here
Font- Durkin

Open your template and resize it by 600 pixels wide delete the CR.
Resize feather1 by 50% and place on each side of the template. move this to the last layer.
 Resize  netting1 by 75% and place as the last layer.
Merge the bottom and top rectangles. open Lace 1 and place over the rectangles. Activate them, invert and delete excess.
Activate black rectangle layer and copy paste pp7 into selection.
 Resize Ric Rac2 by 50% free rotate it 90 to the left and place at each end of the rectangle. Erase any overhang.
Merge all the pink rectangles and copy paste pp2 into selection.
Paste pp1 into top square and bottom square then merge them down. Duplicate them and change the blend to Multiply. do this again  then merge. Duplicate and change the blend to hard light.
 Place the closeup tubes in the center of each paper,invert and delete the excess. Duplicate the tube, add Xero -Radiance to the bottom tube at default,blend to screen. The top tube change the blend to hard light.
 Flood fill the frames in a dark green and add noise to them.
Resize lips1 and coin by 35%. Duplicate them and change the blend to  multiply.
Add your main tube and resize her by 955. Duplicate it and change the blend to hard light.

 Drop shadow everything. Add your name, license number and artist URL.

 To animate merge the white background, netting and feathers.
Merge all of the white stripes layers.  then merge down with the white background, feathers and netting. Copy and paste to AS as a new animation 60 times.
 open your animation and select all. copy paste to the merged tag over the white stripes parts on the top and bottom right. on the top left part.. the bottom left part is hard to reach so don't past it there yet. Go back to your animation and resize it by 505 then paste on the bottom left. Select all.
 heading back to PSP unmerge the tag. Select the stripes layer and hide it. Merge visible the entire tag. Now open the striped layer , activate, selection, select all and hit delete on the merge tag.
 Copy the merged tag as a new animation 60 times. then select all and paste over the animated merged tag.
 Back at PSP Copy the white striped layer and apply Effect-3d Effects -cutout at default and choose a transparent background. Copy and paste this to AS 60 times and paste over the white striped area. Copy and paste the lips and coin elements as well to AS since they got cut off in the transfer. Save a s a gif. Thanks for looking.


TUBES-Special Delivery  and Miss Bettys Rose
ARTIST-Emerald Eyez- 
FONT-Contribute and impact
Distort-Ocean Ripple
Eye Candy4 Gradient Glow and Star
Toadies-Blur em!

Start off with a 600 by 600 workspace flood filled in white.
Using your elliptical preset shape. Draw out a thin oval with a stroke of 10, foreground in white and background null. move it to the left of the canvas. open the special delivery tube and duplicate it twice. place one on top of the oval and move the other two under the oval. mirror one and bring it back under the oval. Rotate them 90 to the left then merge them down, click the center of the oval, expand by 3, invert selection and delete the excess. Duplicate this layer and apply Distort Ocean Ripple to the bottom layer and Gaussian 10/blend  to screen on the top layer.
Draw out a series of rectangles stroke size at 2. the line style for the smaller ones set to dashes.
Flood fil them with linear gradients using the colors from your tubes.
 For the two larger rectangles I used the yellow and pink form the special delivery tube.
 for the thinner rectangles i used the color of the petal from Miss Bettys rose.
 Merge the two thin rectangle backgrounds together and the two larger rectangle backgrounds in another set.
 on the two larger merged rectangle backs add Eye Candy 4- Star settings set to sparkle.
 open the Miss Bettys  Rose tube ,Mirror and erase the portions falling past the rectangle outer edges. See tag for reference.
 once done close the background and merge your tag. Copy it then undo the merge visible and paste the copied tag as a new layer . Apply toadies Blur em ! at default and move this as the last layer of your tag. Drop shadow all your elements now. 
 Write out your desired word art in the impact font and change the blend to soft light.
Apply alittle noise to  your oval layer
 Add a new raster layer and flood fill iti in a green gradient using the two colors from the leaves. Apply your mask. Add your name, artist URL and your license number.
 Thanks for looking.